Battlestations: The Starships...

Created by Jeff Siadek

Traverse the universe in style. Starship miniatures for Battlestations: Second Edition, the sci-fi tabletop starship simulator!

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Sample miniatures arrived!
18 days ago – Tue, Oct 01, 2019 at 02:09:56 AM

The samples look even better than I had hoped!

Now I just have to finish collating the editing feedback and we are good to go!

The starships miniatures!

Last look at the rulebook
28 days ago – Sat, Sep 21, 2019 at 02:33:09 AM

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In Production + link to launch party
5 months ago – Sun, Jun 02, 2019 at 02:03:10 AM

Hi guys, Jeff here.

Starships in Production

I wanted to do a quick note to let you know The Starships is in production. It will still take a couple months to finish as the manufacturer is dealing with some detail work on getting the molds looking higher-quality. I want better detail than we had with Second Edition.

So as stated during the Kickstarter, those rewards will ship when they are done, at no extra cost to you.

Please message me if you have not received your game or book.

Remember, the Starships packs themselves will ship later.

The books and games should have been fulfilled weeks or months ago, but I just wanted to make sure, since about 1% get lost or end up at the wrong address. (Don't post for customer service in the comments as it will take longer to see. If you want to contact me, click my name at the top of the page.)


Now that my work on The Starships is done and turned over to the manufacturer, I can focus on Dirtside, which is the sequel/expansion to Battlestations. It lets you land on planets and drive cool vehicles. 100% compatible, but now full-co-op as a standard game option.

I will be hosting a LIVE STREAM over Facebook on Tuesday. There will be giveaways and things. It is not officially connected to the Kickstarter so you don't need to be a backer to win, just be a member of the event. Here is the link. Please join me! 

click to visit the event page
click to visit the event page

Starships - Art Update + HISTORY OF THE FUTURE - video update!
5 months ago – Wed, May 15, 2019 at 01:26:54 AM

Hi friends,

Lore and Mythology Video

Joey here. I managed to corral Jeff to sit down for a video discussing the history and lore of Battlestations. This is relevant to Battlestations players who want a bit of the history, as well as Dirtside players who want a taste of the worlds they will be exploring in that game. (We're launching Dirtside at the end of this month or so!)

Battlestations, as most of you know, is a board game with some solo/co-op play, but is primarily a "classic" style moderated board game with RPG elements.

Dirtside has 3 modes - Fully Cooperative (including solo play), classic moderated, and some missions in a 1v1 "skirmish" style, for war gamers and players who like tactical skirmish games (using a grid; no measuring tape required! 

The Starships Update

The Starships is still not submitted for print, but it is VERY close (spell checking and technical fixes for the minis). Jeff got a little overly excited and started designing all kinds of extra content for it. Hopefully you will be thrilled to get the extra stuff. I am thinking it is likely it will be shipping late but I am thrilled at how everything is looking and there's lots of additional things that you'll get in there. Plus, as we mentioned before, the ship models were updated and look even better than before, and are now design-accurate to the ship registries for their special abilities.

Box Cover - nearly complete
Box Cover - nearly complete
Back of box - nearly complete
Back of box - nearly complete
Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Sample Page
Sample Page

-Joey and Jeff